Villa Mirothea Alonissos

National marine park Αlonissos

In the area of ​​Alonissos – Northern Sporades founded in 1992 the first National Marine Park of Greece. containing extensive islands and marine areas of the wider archipelago of Alonissos with special physical, morphological and geographical charaktiristika.I protection, conservation and management of nature and landscapes as natural heritage and valuable natural resource and extensive land and sea areas of the Northern Sporades .

The marine park was created to:

  • Protecting one of the most important habitats in the Mediterranean monk seal, which unfortunately is at the top of the list of species threatened with extinction in Europe and throughout the world.
  • The protection of other rare and endangered species of flora and fauna.
  • The development of the region, based on the rational use of natural resources.

It should be noted that the Park is an enclosed area. It is an extensive protected area covers an area of ​​approximately 2.200 km2. It is perhaps the most extensive protected marine area in the Mediterranean. The philosophy of the Park is to protect the ecosystem along with the growth of Alonissos (which is the only inhabited island in the park) without violent interference.